Thursday, 5 November 2009

Wildlife DVD

"Through the Garden Gate - A Diary of the English Countryside" DVD.

Released 30th April 2010.

It's about the wildlife I spent a year looking for and found very close to where I live in an Oxfordshire village in England. It's a very personal view - I narrate the whole thing (don't worry, you hardly see me at all) and it's aimed at those who enjoy the purely observational style of popular natural history films. There's no music - just natural sounds, some of which were recorded by emminent wildlife sound recordist Chris Watson.

The film is a sort of antithesis to the years of globe trotting I have done filming for television documentaries for the BBC Natural History Unit in Bristol - an amazing job of course but I've always wished I could do more filming work closer to home. The reasons why most wildlife films we see on TV are not about British wildlife are a subject for another time.

I am collecting ideas for the next film and would be glad to hear from anyone what they'd most like to see.

Visit to see the trailer and buy copies. Some of it shot on my local Wildlife Trusts reserves - 5% of procceeds go to the Wildlife Trusts.

Send an email to newsletter at if you'd like to hear about future productions.


  1. I have watched and it's a great film it really inspired me to film the wildlife on my local patch.

  2. Great video. I bought it for my mother for Christmas as we both enjoyed it. What amazing patience to have filmed all that.
    One thing only bothers me. You mention towards the end how a particular small bird, appears to be sipping juice of blackberries, which you say is generally unheard of. Might it not have been pecking out the maggots. Some blackberries can be full of them.

    How about a DVD on the life of the mole!

  3. Good point swaincp - I thought it was probably the juice they were taking mainly because I couldn't make out anything else at the time.

    I'll look again more carefully at the out-takes when I get a chance.

    Moles would be a great subject but very difficult to film in the wild.